Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nikon D3000 and Birthdays

I got a new camera!! I'm super duper excited! Taking pictures is something I have always wanted to learn how to do and I got a good deal on one so I bought it! For my birthday Trent took me to Park City over night! He's the best. It was's always nice to get away even if it's just for the night. So when we were there we decided to go to Best Buy and see what they had and we walked out of the store with one of these!
I can't wait to learn how to take pictures and discover a new hobby!
Ty's birthday is 2 days after mine. This year he turned the big number.... 
We bought Ty a pretty sweet Nerf gun...I'm pretty sure it was his favorite present :) 

Black Friday....Movies....

All year long we save up for movies! We don't buy movies for the whole year and then on Black Friday (now Thanksgiving night) we go to Walmart/Target and buy all the movies we have wanted all year! This year we bought over 40 movies....don't judge. We got almost all the Harry Potter movies for $1.96 each. Pretty good deal if you ask me. We also finished our X-Man collection, bought Brave, Hungar Games, Crazy Stupid Love and lots of other fantastic movies! We are super stoked to have a whole bunch of new movies to enjoy until next year :)

From Sinner

We did it! We finished Las Vegas Ragnar. It was FREEZING! We started at 8:00am Friday morning up at Mt Charleston ski resort. It was 28 degrees, snowing, and windy. It continued to be freezing and windy the entire time! It's never cold in Vegas! The weekend before the weather was perfect. 85 degrees and sunny. Just our luck. Other then that it was great! Not having to run over mountains was fantastic!
Trent "Stretching" :)
This Ragnar was very different from Utah. Here in Utah Ragnar is known to all. Everyone knows what it is and has either ran it or knows someone that has. In Vegas we were stopped several times asking what was going on and what we were doing. In Utah at the finish line everyone is cheering and waiting for you at the end. Vegas was dark, no lights shining on the finish line or anything. No one there to cheer for you. Nothing. Utah has over 1,000 teams. We did not see a team number over 550.
Some things that are the same that I think will be the same with any Ragnar you run. There is someone always on the side of an exchange after their first run puking their guts out. Some very....interesting, to say the least, costumes and outfits. And at the end of the race everyone is walking around looking like they have sticks up their butts.
I would be very interested to go and do another one in another state. I wonder if it's just us Utahans that are crazy enough to think that running over mountains and having no sleep for over 24 hrs is fun.
That was the 5th Ragnar I have ran. Trent says that he is retired and doesn't want to do any more. He would rather go to the gym and lift weights then run. I'm hoping I will run a couple more times. I think I will just be a filler if anyone needs a runner or wants to put a team together.
We finished around 6:00pm Saturday night and we all survived!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Carpet, Cabinets, and Tile!

We finally have carpet! Our house no longer echos! I love it! I can take off my shoes and walk around barefoot without being afraid I will get a sliver or step on a nail.  
Trent started our tile and my dad has began putting in our cabinets! Its starting to come together!
We also bought some hand-me-down couches from some friends and they are perfect! We are finally going from a a home :)
 What a mess.....

See you in 2 years...

Drew is an official missionary! He left Wednesday October 17th. He was set apart as an Elder the night before which I think was when it really became real that he was going to be gone for a while.
Drew was scheduled to go to the MTC at 12:45 so we drove down to Provo and picked up Mykah and then went to breakfast/lunch at the Chucka (aka: Chuck-a-rama)
Wednesday was BEAUTIFUL! We went up to the Provo Temple and took some pictures. I guess it's just kind of the thing everyone does now. They go to the temple take some pictures and say your good byes cuz once you get to the MTC they get their luggage out and off they go!

When Drew said that he was ready to go we all gave our last hug. My mom told Ty to give Drew a hug before we left, of course Ty was jumping all over Drew and being a crazy man and Ty wrapped his arms around his legs (like the picture above) and Drew tried to get away. This is what happened next...
Ty lost his loose tooth haha. Drew accidently kicked him in the mouth...whoops 
After :)

Good luck Drewskie! See you in 2 years!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Last weekend home...

This weekend is Drew's last weekend home for 2 years. So us siblings decided to get together and have some fun. We got some snacks and then watched a scary movie. 'The Women in Black' We had a lot of fun together. It's weird to think that Drew wont be here for the next 2 years. I was thinking about how fast everything changes and how fast time flies. It makes me sad that I often take time for granted.
I wonder what I will be doing in two years. Maybe have a dozen kids...a dog...a castle on the hill...who knows. I just hope I'm a better person.

Trail Ride

Horses. I LOVE them! I have ever since I was a little girl I have loved them. I was involved in a program called 4-H and showed a horse named Juniper for about 4 years. I haven't ridden for a very long time...too long, but last week my awesome friends took me on a trail ride!!!!
Meet Ethel....the mule :)
We borrowed her from some friends and off we went. We had a blast! The mountains are SO pretty!
 Thanks Car and Morgan for a perfect day!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Oh Zumba...

Now...I am not the most coordinated person in the world...and that is probably an under statement...there is most definitely a reason why I do not dance. I can only do one action at a time...either my feet or my hands not both at the same time. And more then 75% of the feet things I can't even do. I've only been to Zumba once and that was with my Zumba certified friend Heather so I you can imagine how I looked next to her...
So yesterday I called my bestie Carlene. We have been best friends for about 10 years now and she's awesome. I hate how life takes a hold of us and we don't make time to hang out more then we do cuz we always have a blast together! Anyways back to the Carlene, her little sis Morgan, and I went to dinner and had a great time and then Car said she was going to Zumba for the first time and wanted me to go with them so off we went to Zumba...we showed up and everyone was already dancing which was great but then as we looked around we noticed that we were the only 3 in the room that spoke English. They were doing all these salsa hip moves and let me just tell white chicks sure don't know how to do least we didn't. The instructor was a dude and he kept coming over to where we "dancing" and going slow to see if he could help us out but it wasn't working, we just got a bunch of weird stares :) I think we are going to find somewhere to go each week so maybe we will get better....maybe...


Drew's farewell was last Sunday. He leaves on October 17th. It's coming up quick!


Trent made a new friend. This is my cousin William and they became best buds.

The weather was so nice! I love this time of year when all the leaves are changing!

Paint and Orange!

The last couple of weeks have been nothing but painting. Since we don't have any carpet in yet we are trying to get as much as we can done. My family came over again and helped us which was great! I'm beginning to learn why I didn't grow up and become a painter...I don't like it all that much.

My favorite color is orange. So I had to have an orange wall somewhere in my house! The second I saw this house I knew if we got it this would be the lucky wall. The first thing we did was put a primer on which I thought looked pretty good so then I started to second guess myself if I wanted as dark of an orange as I thought... 

And then we put the real color on and I realized that I was glad we were doing the darker color cuz man the primer color looked pink next to the real stuff! But then next to the pink it looked like we were going to have a pumpkin orange wall but after everything was done it looked perfect! I was so excited! We finally had completed one full room! So we began taking all the tape off and this happened...
A big nasty rip. I was so mad! We had stayed up late for 3 nights in a row to finally finish one room and then we had this ugly whole in the wall. But that's why its so great to have a handy man husband that knows how to fix things and it was fixed the next day :)