Friday, April 26, 2013

April 25, 2013

It was a beautiful day!
 Family pic with Elder Drew :)

 Trent did a very good job at keeping track of Drew all day haha.
Their reception was at the Tracy Aviary so there were a lot of cool birds. My favorite was the peacock.
Trent and my aunt Konni
Trent, Ty, and Lorian (family friend) helping with snacks
Don't worry Drewski you were there every second! We never forgot about you :)
They had a globe that they had guests sign their names on. Trent, of course, had to sign our name by his mission.

They had an awesome cake war. They got it everywhere! 
I'm so happy for my little sis!
Now let the journey begin!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Wedding and More Wedding...

Jordan gets married in 3 days! This weekend I went to Salt Lake to help Jordan with he make up and go with her to take some "First Look" pics.
 After pics we tried to teach Denny the 'Trent Smile'...I think he is going to have to practice some more if he is wanting to be a part of this family haha  
After that we went Jordan's last shower before the big day! It was a very busy weekend. 

The Joy of Being Home Owners...

Last week our heater broke. Yep we woke up to it being 50 degrees in our house. It was freezing!
I'm ready for summer...


Every Wednesday I get to hang out with this Fart-fig-newton. The other day he came over to my house and we decided to make paper airplanes...after throwing them around for a little bit he told me that he should be called a "Mad Genius" because he is so good at making them :) I love this little guy.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Let the Running Begin!

At Trent's work a couple of people have backed out of Ragnar I come! This will be my sixth Ragnar...I can't believe I have done it that many times. And then....
My friend Heather had an extra ticket for the Ogden Half Marathon and she let me have it! So I will be running the Ogden Half on May 18th and then on June 21-22 I will be running Ragnar! Woah that is a lot of running!
I have never ran a half marathon before or a full one for that matter...I never want to run a full that is just madness but I think a half will be fun and challenging....and I only have 5 weeks until the's hopin' I survive!

Saturday, April 13, 2013


"Marriage is a gift from God to us; the quality of our marriages is a gift from us to Him."
 Elder L. Whitney Clayton (Marriage: Watch and Learn)
Ever since I heard this quote in General Conference this last weekend I haven't been able to get it out of my mind. 
 My parents have a marriage that I would say 99% of people would envy. I have never seen them fight or argue, they don't yell, and often seldom get upset. As a kid I would become extremely confused and scared when my friends would tell me their parents yelled and fought, or when I would be at a friends house and hear a parent yelling or become angry. The older I got the more I realized that my parents marriage is something very rare and special. I came to realize that a lot of marriages fall apart. There is a lot of deceit, anger, regret, dishonesty, and not a lot of love.
I'm not a risk taker. Change terrifies me. The unknown and not having control of what or how someone else might feel brings me a lot of anxiety and so as I grew older I became afraid of marriage. I decided that marriage wasn't something for me and I would enjoy life alone with no one else to worry about but myself.
Obviously my plan failed. Thank goodness. 
I found someone who loves me unconditionally. He loves me through all my faults and hard times. Our marriage is no where near perfect but I don't have a doubt in my mind that he will always be there for me...and I get him for all eternity. 
I have been given this gift of marriage, and I know it wasn't given to me by chance or fait. It was given to me because my Heavenly Father knew I needed him, because without him I wouldn't be able to live, as I thought I could, alone.
The quote from Elder Clayton has made me think about my quality of marriage. Is it the way I want it? Or am I letting it become like all of those marrages I have been so terrified of? Is my quality of marriage the gift I would want to give back?
We have a lot of life left to live. A lot of hard times ahead and good times to come. I hope I make it count. I hope we can make our marriage a gift to those around us, ourselves, and to our Father that gave us everything.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Cleaning

These little guys popped up about a week ago...they are about the only pretty thing in our yard haha
Saturday we made it a goal to start the yard clean up. One of our friends let us borrow their tree pruner things and Trent went a little crazy haha I'm surprised we still have trees left with everything he chopped down. 
 My goal was to get my raspberry bushes pruned and looking better. So I got some bricks to line them and put some mulch down. I can't wait until raspberry season!
 I also cleaned out the back corner because that is where one of our water faucets are and I'm always afraid to turn it on cuz there are spiders back there and all the leaves and pine needles and stuff are shoved back there so I raked it all out and pruned the trees and bushes so it's nice and clean!
Now we are working on the lawn. Our lawn is pretty much nothing but weeds so we put down some crab grass preventer and fertilizer and then in a few weeks we will do weed and feed and hopefully that will help it a little.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


I found this owl picture at Quilted Bear and fell in love with it and it goes perfectly in my kitchen so whenever we go shopping I'm always on the look out for cute owl things.
My mom bought this for me!
I'm really bad at decorating but when we found this frame I had to buy it! So this last weekend I printed some pictures and finally got some pictures up!

Bridal Shower

I threw a bridal shower for my sister. I think it turned out pretty good...for my first time ever hosting a bridal shower...