Wednesday, June 27, 2012


It's official! We have our own home! On the 22nd we signed our life away and we are just waiting to receive the keys which we will be getting this week. Now, a lot of work needs to be done (notice the weeds) but in no time we will have it looking livable. We have lots of trees in the back yard which make our yard extremely nice in the evenings; bring on the bbqs!
We have discovered raspberry bushes growing along the side fence! Raspberries hold a special place in my heart. I was very fortunate to know my Great Grandma Berger. She lived up in Idaho and every year we went to visit her and she had TONS of raspberry bushes in her yard. We would pick them and eat them all day long. She taught all of us how to know if they were ripe and which ones were the best to eat. We would have them almost every morning at breakfast along with eggs, bacon, toast, sausage, pancakes, you name it, it was there. I'm excited to help them grow nice and big and make my grandma proud :)

I guess the 4th of July fireworks are no longer at Weber High School, they are now at Barker Park. Trent's parents live about 3 houses down from Weber so it was always an anual event to go to the Woolsey's to enjoy the 4th, so that was pretty disappointing for the Woolsey clan. But good news...we live just one street away from Barker Park! Our house actually faces the park, so we will be able to watch them at our house! So everyone is going to come and have the party at our place instead. Our neighbors are going to love us! haha The only problem is we only have about one week to get the yard half way decent and a bathroom clean enough so everyone can come over and enjoy it.

A couple of days ago we went over to look at the spriklers and see if we could turn on some water so all of our grass wont die before we move in and we found a little spicket in the back and we decided to see if it would turn on...and it did! Then we decided to turn it off...that didn't work as well. It wouldn't turn off. Luckily they had another way to turn it off for a little bit until we got a new spicket. So yesterday Trent and my dad went to replace it and before we knew it we had a Old Faithful in the back yard. I'm mad cuz I didn't get off work until a little later so by the time I got there they had fixed it so I couln't capture the beautiful site but this is what Trent looked like when I got there. :) He was soaked!
House adventure #1...and we don't even have the keys yet :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Ragnar 2012: Team Flashpaq

Another Ragnar down in the books, only 33hrs and 33 mins later. Out of 34 corporate teams we finished 16th. And out of a little more then 1000 teams we finished 584th. Not too bad I would say.

I was runner #8. I ran this exact leg 2 years ago. When I did it in 2010 I ran in to my first traid off and there was an ambulance and a man on the ground. This year was the exact same (hence the picture up top). An ambulance and a man on the ground. It made me pretty darn happy that I made it through my first leg without passing out. Trent and his brother Klint ran the exact same legs. They were runner #11. Klint and Missy were on a different team but we started at the same time. We saw them at almost every exchange but then we picked up our pace and beat them by about 45 min :)

Snow Basin was beautiful! The mountains were so green and the sunset was amazing!

This is right after I ran my second leg at about 3:30 in the A.M. It was freezing!

Ryan, Trent, Me, Dallin, Mike, and Liz
This was our van. We had a blast together. Between the 6 of us we had 303 kills. A kill is when you pass someone. This means we passed 303 teams! 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


This is my little bro Ty, aka Fart-fig-newton. He is 7, and every Wednesday we hang out while the rest of my fam goes to mutual. Last Wednesday he had a T-ball game so we went and watched him.

Ty played against the Padres. If you were to ask Ty who he played against that day he would say "I am versing the Padres" haha so whenever he tells us about a game he says "Last week when we versed the ______" its pretty funny.


For Father's Day Trent and I bought my dad Nickelback tickets. My dad LOVES Nickelback. I also like them, so my dad asked if I would go with him! I get my love for rock music from my dad :)

They were awesome! They put on a really good show. They lowered this round playform from the ceiling and they all got on and raised it back up and played a few songs on it which was really cool.

They had a TON of fire throughout the show. I cant imagine how hot they got because we could feel the heat from our seats!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ragnar 2012 Prequel

Three days and Ragnar will begin...Am I ready? Mentally? Yes. Physically?...who the heck knows. Some days I feel like I could run for days and not get tired and then other days I run a mile and turn around and walk home haha.
Trent and I decided we are going to run the one in Las Vegas this year also...His work is going to pay for part of it so we are taking full advantage of it! It has always been on our bucket list to run a different Ragnar besides the one in Utah so put a check mark on that baby. When you run the Utah one and Vegas one in the same year they give you a special metal called the "Saints and Sinners" :) Vegas isn't unil November so it wont be so hot and we will have time to rest just a tad before we begin training. I have heard the Vegas one isn't hard compared to Utah because there aren't so many mountains to run over...but I guess we will just have to find out for ourselves...

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Christmas Cruise!

Over Christmas we got to go on a cruise! Trent and I have never been on a cruise before so it was really fun to go on our first one ever together! It was also my first time out of the country so it was a whole new experience in all sorts of ways. We left out of Florida and then stopped in Haiti, Jamaica, and then Cozumel.

This is our cruise ship on the left. It was GINORMOUS!

We went with Kelsey's family. Shane had no idea that we would be coming on the cruise so we surprised him. We hadn't seen them since their wedding a year ago so it was really fun to see them and get to spend an entire week with them! 
Our crew: Nick (Kelsey's Bro), Kelsey, Shane, Kelly (Kelsey's friend), Chris (Kelsey's Twin Bro), Trent, and Me!
Yup they had the game on the big screen on the back of the ship. Trent was all over that. He sat on Kelsey's parents deck and watched the whole game. What a way to spend a night on a cruise ship. :)

This is my fancy appetizer. Cantelope and honeydew. It was delish!