Sunday, September 9, 2012


Trent's dad is a Mason, so him and his brother Klint were so nice and came and bricked our fireplace. It looks AMAZING! It's crazy how things like that make such a huge difference in a home. I can't wait for Christmas so we can use it and hang up some stockings :)
Keat-o and Trent were the errand boys


I continue to be amazed at how beautiful of a place we live in. This is the picture I took from our front door after a big thunderstorm we had.

Laundry Room

Last Christmas we got a super awesome deal on a bunch of appliances and now that we are "moved in" we can start using them! These are our super awesome washer and dryer. When a load is done they don't just beep to let you know they sing you a whole song :)

After :)

Moved in...Sorta

Well, a couple of Saturdays ago Trent woke up and decided we were moving in whether the house was done or not. I didn't think he was real serious about it. I thought we would start moving in little things and then he would give up and we would do our original plan and at least wait until we have carpet. Next thing I know Trent has moved all of our clothes to the floor of one of the spare bedrooms. Haha that's my hubby. Our closet isn't even ready to hang clothes in yet and having our clothes in a pile on the floor isn't a big deal right?
So we moved all the necesities and moved in to our humble abode :)


It's been a while!...Over the past month Trent has been gone a lot doing things for work. Last month he went to Pennsylvania twice and I think it is now one of his favorite places. Trent also went last year for the same show and will probably continue to go each year. He gets to do a lot of cool stuff on these trips when he is done working...
This is what Trent decided to order....GROSS