Tuesday, July 31, 2012


The first thing we did was rip out all of the carpet that we didn't want.

As you can see in this picture the foundation had settled in the family room. So we called some people that were able to drill some holes in the floor and pumped it back up! That has been probably the biggest thing we have had to fix in the house so far....besides the leak in the basement :) Now that we have got that all fixed let the remodeling begin! I have been cleaning like a mad man the last few weeks trying to get ready for all the painting and carpet.

We picked out the tile we want in the kitchen and entry way. Let me tell you...picking out tile and back splash and paint is stressfull. I thought it would be fun and exciting and all that...its not. Haha I'm worried that we will buy all this tile and stuff and then it won't look good when we lay it and it will look like we didn't know what we were doing (which we don't but I don't want it to look that way ;)) and what if it doesn't match and all the colors clash etc etc....now I'm a worrier anyways but man this is tough, but I've decided to cut my losses and say if it doesn't look good oh well I'm the only one that has to look at it every day so who cares. Then everybody else can lie to me and tell me how nice it looks.....right? Right. :)
Trent leaves me AGAIN this weekend to go back to Pennsylvania for another truck show so on Tuesday when he gets back we will begin the tile laying process.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Elder Drew

Poor Drew got his call in the mail on Wednesday and we didn't get home from St George until Thursday so he had to wait a whole day before he could open it, but he was a good sport and waited. On October 17th Drew will be reporting to the MTC to serve as a full time missionary in the Leon, Mexico mission!
I'm so proud of him! A mission is a lot of work and 2 years is a long time to be away from everything and everyone you know.
Don't you love his outfit :)
He is going to be an AMAZING missionary and I'm so excited for him!


Every year my mom, Jordan, Alyssa, and Grandma P and I all go the Shakespeare Festival and Tuacan and see the plays. This year the plays were The Marry Wives of Windsor, Hair Spray, and Aladdin. They were all really fun! I love spending time with all the girls and going to St George.
While we were there we went to see some Petroglyphs. They were really cool. I have never seen so many all in one area before.


Alyssa and Jordan with Aladdin, Jasmine, and the Genie

and Ty a dinosaur that shoots a ball out of his nose!

We got Drew a king hat...

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Now this folks....would be the key to OUR HOUSE! 9 months of patiently waiting...and waiting...and impatiently waiting, and some more waiting...it's finally ours!

Just Ty and Me

This weekend Trent went to Pennsylvania for a truck show and my parents went on Trek. So this whole weekend it was just Ty and I. I had to work Friday so I took Ty down to my grandma's house so she could watch him and we were stopped at the stop light and Ty says... "Ashley...Why is there spy ware on the poles?"
Me "What?"
Ty "Why are there cameras on the poles by the lights?"
Yah...he watches too many movies
So then we proceed down the road...now let me give you a background on this story...On our way back from Ragnar my mom picked us up and took us home. While we were driving there was a drunk driver in front of us that almost wrecked and was all over the place so we called 911 to report it...
Ty "Ashley were you in the car when there was that guy that was driving all over the road and we thought that he was handicap?"
:) I tried my best to keep from busting out laughing and said.."Yes Ty...I remember"

On Saturday it was a perfect day! It was over cast and MUCH cooler then it has been the last couple of weeks so we decided to go to the Hoggle Zoo! We went and picked up Jordan and spent the day down there which was really fun since we don't get to see Jordan very much because she lives in SL. At the zoo it was 'Ice Block Day', all of the animals got ice and ice blocks to play with.
This Polar Bear would swim back and forth and come right up to the glass. Can you believe how big that thing is?!
Last but not least...look at this Gorrilla chillin' haha. His hand under his chin and his feet propped up just so....now he's got the life. 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

July 4th

We went to the Cherry Days Parade in the morning. It was so blasted hot! My little sister and Trent's niece were in the parade which was fun but it was way too hot for my liking.
Every year we go to Clearfield fireworks. They are by far the best! This year we took my brother Drew and his girler Mykah with us. This is Drew's last 4th of July before he leaves on his Mish so it was fun to spend some good quality fam time with him :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Yard Work

Even tho we don't have the keys to the inside of the house we are going to get as much done on the outside so that when we do get keys we can focus all of our time and energy on the inside!

This yard is SO much work. My family was so awesome and spent their morning helping me on Monday while Trent was at work and spent about 4 hours pulling all the weeds in the flower bed by the stairs and started to dig out all the grass in the bigger flower bed out front.
Later that night Trent went over and finished turning over all the grass. It was a lot of work. But he did an awesome job!
One day we will have a nice yard...

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Camping in the Uintas

Over the weekend we went up to the Uintas with Trent's family for their anual 4-wheeling trip. It was beautiful up there! With all this hot weather we have been having the mountains were still green and gorgeous. We weren't allowed to have a fire up there which was a bummer but it was still really fun.  
This was their 20 yr anniversary of this big 4-wheeling trip they do. So Trent's dad had him make shirts for everyone. On the back they say 20 yr anniversary with a picture of a 4-wheeler.